Magic Made was a dream client. The mission of Magic Made is to make holidays and milestones magical for kids and stress free for parents. I love creating magic in the world, so this was a perfect fit! The first product launched in August 2022 – the Tooth Fairy kit. I worked with the founder to create nearly every aspect of this brand and product line. More detail below.

scope of work

Branding, Product Design, Web Design, Print Collateral, Packaging, Product Photography, Social Media Templates

VIBE: Magical, Sparkly, Modern, Bright, Creative, Colorful, Playful, Simple

The logo includes a magic wand as the “i” and the icon makes the swoop of a wand creating magic.

The unboxing of the Tooth Fairy kit. 

I designed this gorgeous, long lasting tooth fairy memento box with lovely gold foil detailing. 

I designed these fun, kid-sized (or tooth fairy sized) greeting cards. I loved coming up with such happy designs.

I designed this fun and unique Tooth Tales workbook – for kids to fill out every time they lose a tooth.